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AI-enabled Credentialing

MD-Staff’s Aiva™ Credentialing engine uses AI and deep automation to slash application processing times while flagging practitioner files with issues.


Primary Source Verifications

MD-Staff automates primary source verifications using web crawlers, Pronto reference verifications, and deep integrations with many primary sources such as the NPDB, OIG and SAM.

Drag and Drop

Drag-and-Drop Privileging

MD-Staff’s privileging module provides a simple drag-and-drop user interface for creating and managing both core and laundry list-style privilege delineation forms.

Live Data

Single Source of Truth

MD-Staff is built on a highly relational database with flexible integration options allowing it to serve as the “source of truth” for practitioner information.


Designed to eliminate the tedious task of printing and distributing privilege reports.

Allows Medical Staff Professionals to quickly and economically create their own online verification system.

Designed to eliminate manual processes by allowing the providers to fill out the application online.

Keep the medical staff up to date on all of your organization’s crucial decisions. 

For managed care organizations, provider credentialing and enrollment play a key role in the success of the organization. Managed Care with MD-Staff incorporates additional features which are unique to the managed care environment such as enrollment, plan participation, and contract management.


Professional Services

Professional Services

ASM provides a variety of professional services, including Credentialing System Implementation, Data Conversions, Verifications and training. ASM's data services team has experience with numerous credentialing systems and data sources. ASM product managers are experts in getting you up and running with your new credentialing system with minimal downtime and interruption.

Group Training

Group Training

MD-Staff provides complementary live webinars led by one of our training experts. Simply sign up and join us to further your MD-Staff knowledge.

MD-Staff Support


Our technical support team is available 24 hours to answer any questions or assist in resolving any issues regarding our products.

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