MD-Staff Study Group

MD-Staff Certification Study Group

Limited Edition Webinar Series


Thought about taking the MD-Staff Certification Exam but need more time to study? Join our limited edition Study Group webinar sessions! These interactive webinars will review basic to advanced processes within MD-Staff products.

Why a study group? The success of individuals can often be greatly influenced by study groups. Study groups offer the chance to engage in in-depth discussion about the subject matter with other people. Study groups also assist you overcome procrastination and can aid in the development of new study techniques.

The study group requires a dedicated commitment to attend seven (7) interactive study group webinars with open dialogue. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today!


How to Register & Prepare

Step 1
Register for the Kick-Off Meeting – MD-Staff Certification Study Group Webinar held on October 31st at 10 AM PDT. During the meeting we will review Study Group requirements, practice techniques and resources for success!

Step 2
On October 31st at Noon PST (after the webinar), register* for the Study Group Webinar Series to reserve your spot. Limited space available.

Study Group Webinar Class Schedule (Limited Space Available)
11/07/23 Session 1
11/14/23 Session 2
11/21/23 Session 3
11/28/23 Session 4
12/05/23 Session 5
12/12/23 Session 6
12/19/23 Session 7

Step 3
We recommend attending the following Webinars to prepare for the study group. While you may have already attended many of these webinars in the past, these webinars are excellent for a refresher!

Webinars (Open to all MD-Staff Users)
10/10/23 Aiva Credentialing & Automation
10/12/23 Communication Tools: Intro to Mail Merge
11/02/23 MD-App
11/09/23 Checklists
11/13/23 Privileges & Proctoring

Step 4
Study, study, study to prepare. Review articles and other course opportunities in the MD-Staff Help Center.


Benefits of Joining a Study Group

The following are the greatest benefits of joining a study group.

  • Share talents
    Members of the group can benefit from one another because everyone has different skills. People get the opportunity to benefit from the skills and knowledge of their fellow group members in study groups.
  • Support system
    It is advantageous to ask for help from those who are in similar situations to you because studying can be really stressful. Additionally, members of your study group can provide you with additional resources and knowledge.
  • Cover more material
    Working in groups allows you to concentrate on more ideas because more people can review more material than you can alone.
  • It makes learning fun!
    Studying in a group is a fun approach to make your study sessions more engaging. Spending hours alone may be very tedious and draining. Joining a study group setting will greatly enhance your learning opportunity.


To learn about why to become MD-Staff Certified, read our FAQ.

* Steps to Register for Webinars

1. Sign into MD-Staff, click on Help > Help Center

2. Click on the icon MD-Staff Academy and Live Webinars

3. Select Webinars and continue to register


If you need to cancel your registration, please email the Customer Success team.

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