FAQs on MD-Staff Certification Exam

Why Become MD-Staff Certified?

FAQs on MD-Staff Certification Exams

What are MD-Staff Certification Exams?

MD-Staff Certification Exam tests your knowledge of all MD-Staff products and solutions. The certification exams will guide you to achieve career goals as a medical service professional.

Should I study?

Even though you may know the ins-and-outs of MD-Staff solutions, this exam will deep-dive into all modules. The exam is meant to test your expertise and beyond. It provides an avenue to showcase your knowledge to your peers. Even though the exam is open book, we highly recommend studying before taking the exam.

What if I only use a couple of modules of MD-Staff?

The exam is design to cover all module for you to become a super user. Being a super user means you have a depth of knowledge and experience of all solutions of MD-Staff. Understanding all modules will assist in elevating product knowledge and assisting your medical office to be progressive within the healthcare industry.

Does taking the exam make you a MD-Staff Super User?

To become a super user, you must have an expansive knowledge of all MD-Staff modules. Taking the exam does exhibit this knowledge allowing for peer recognition and expertise.

Why are there so many questions?

MD-Staff Level 1 Certification Exam has 180 questions! The questions are a mix of general and advanced user experience. We highly recommend studying all available resources such as – Live Webinars, MD-Staff Academy Courses, and Help Center Articles. A 180-question exam provides coverage off all MD-Staff modules and evaluates depth of knowledge with each of the modules.

Why does the exam have a time limit?

A time limit is set for the exams to determine depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding of each solution of MD-Staff. We recommend taking the exam in a quiet, distraction free space.

How does taking the exam directly benefit me?

Passing a MD-Staff Certification Exam will open doors from performance to leadership by:

  • Helping your colleagues with questions
  • Streamlining your medical office with best practices
  • Obtaining more knowledge on MD-Staff solutions
  • Leveraging your annual performance reviews by demonstrating your mastery
  • Adding as a mastery skill to your resume and online profiles!

What if I do not pass the first time?

Each registration comes with two (2) attempts. If you do not pass the first time, you will be able to retake the exam. There is no time limit between attempts.

Do I have to take the exam as soon as I register?

No, you can register and take the exam at a later date.

Can I start the exam and take a break and resume later?

Once the exam is started, it must be taken within the two-hour time limit.

Is there only one exam?

The MD-Staff Certification Program will consist of multiple exams. Currently, Level 1 is the only exam available.


Have question on MD-Staff Certification Exams? Please contact our Customer Success Team at customersuccess@mdstaff.com

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