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Course Features

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User and Group Permissions

Learn how to assign permissions to your colleagues along with parent/child relationship.

Data Security


Learn to audit users, how MD-Staff keeps data secure, and to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the system.

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Whether it’s an out-of-the box report or tailor-made ad-hoc query, reporting your Credentialing and Enrollment data has never been easier.

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Provider Communication

Communicate with providers and applicants through MD-Staff using automated and manual processes to save time.

Available Courses


The Basics

Start off your training with the basics from how to navigate  through appointments, files, verification, and privileges sections. 


Setup Courses

Learn how to set up templates, application process, and checklists along with assigning permissions to users and groups.

MD-Staff Courses

Certify your knowledge with all aspects of MD-Staff – from basic setup to tailor-made reports.

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MD-App Courses

Discover the ins-and-out of application setup from email to documentation attachments.

How It Works

It’s time to start training with MD-Staff Academy, where you have the freedom to learn what you want, when you want, and from wherever you want. MD-Staff Academy from ASM, our client learning hub, offers courses for entry and advanced levels, as well as credentials earned through courses, training, and tests.

To login:

1. Sign into MD-Staff, click on Help > Help Center

2. Click on the icon MD-Staff Academy and Live Webinars

3. Select desired Course and continue to register

4. Complete course at your our pace

5. Once course is completed successfully, you will be awarded a certificate 

6. Share your success!