MD-Staff Features

Additional Features



MD-Staff’s robust workflow module consists of configurable alarms and actions. Alarms can be configured to notify providers, supervisors, and/or yourself. Workflow actions allow MD-Staff to automatically adjust a status, archive a record, or even create a new record, based on configurable criteria.



Pronto is MD-Staff’s online questionnaire service. From within MD-Staff you can create custom questionnaires and send them to peer references. These questionnaires are completed online by the peer reference from a phone, tablet, or computer. Once completed, the results are automatically saved into the verification log.


Document Merging

MD-Staff is tailored to seamlessly interface with Microsoft Word to create, edit, and merge custom letters and reports. The most common types of documents that undergo merging include primary source verification letters, response to query letters, and reappointment applications.



MD-Staff is especially well suited for large organizations because of its innovative and flexible method for handling multiple facilities or entities. Facilities and entities can be grouped into several markets.



MD-Staff’s CME module is used to collect and report providers’ continuing medical education credits. MD-Staff’s Committee module enables users to track committee membership for providers and non-medical staff members, as well as offers a variety of built-in reports and functions.


Meeting Attendance

MD-Staff’s Meeting module provides a simple yet detailed approach for recording provider attendance to committee, department, division or general staff meetings. In addition each module gives the user access to their own array of built in reporting options.

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