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Why Get Certified?

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Professional Credibility

Certification recognizes authority on MD-Staff solutions within the medical services profession.


Relevant Experience

Certification highlights up-to-date abilities and summarizes a user’s depth of system knowledge.

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Growth Potential

Certification demonstrates a commitment to personal educational achievement, increased productivity and efficiency, and the capability to assist colleagues in training to employers.


Peer Development

As the MD-Staff certification program evolves, we expect to see participants collaborate in peer-to-peer sessions to help each other learn and grow!

Available Certifications


Level 1 Certification

  • Open Book
  • Two (2) Allowed Attempts to Complete Exam
  • Two (2) Hour Time Limit
  • 180 Questions
  • 80% Needed to Qualify for Certification
  • $200 Exam Fee

Getting Started

It’s time to begin your journey to becoming professionally certified with MD-Staff products! The exam is open book and timed, so please remember to study your resources!

To login:

1. Sign into MD-Staff, click on Help > Help Center

2. Click on the icon MD-Staff Academy and Live Webinars

3. Select Certification and continue to register (Downloadable Study Guide is available on registration page)

4. Complete exam within two hours

5. Once exam is completed successfully, you will be awarded a digital certificate 

6. Share your success!

Have more questions about MD-Staff Certification Exams? Visit our FAQ page.

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Recertification Made Simple

Ensuring your certification remains up-to-date is crucial, and recertification plays a vital role in achieving this goal. It guarantees that you stay informed about the most recent advancements in our software advancements. MD-Staff Certification is mandatory every three (3) years, and it’s as simple as attending a minimum of thirty (30) courses and/or participating in live webinars.

Your completed courses and webinar attendance are automatically recorded in your MD-Staff Academy profile. Once you’ve met the recertification requirements, all that’s left to do is log in to the MD-Staff Academy portal and submit your information through the Recertification course.

For more detailed information, please explore the MD-Staff Academy portal!