MD-Staff Live Webinars

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Featured Webinar Topics

MD-Staff Reports Icon

Reports and Filtering

Learn how to navigate, run, and export reports for your credentialing process. 

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Mail Merge

Discover key tools to streamline your process with email and SMS comunication to your providers.

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Save Time

Whether it’s developing templates or creating workflows through MD-Staff, our courses are designed to help you save time on your checklists.

MD-Query Customization


Learn how our modules can work for you through customizing templates, workflows, communication, and full-scalabe report cards.

Sample of Available Webinars


Discover how to create standard reports and ad-hoc reports that are beneficial for you and your staff.

Payor Enrollment

Review provider enrollment with a focus on contracts, health plans and the provider record.

MD-Staff Webinars

From the basics of setup to extensive training in building reports, mail merge, and setting up survey templates to your providers.

Virtual Committee Webinars

Learn how to integrate Virtual Committee to streamline your peer and staff review process to work for your needs.

How It Works

MD-Staff understands the value of continued education and learning of our software. Our live webinars are usually an hour long with emphasis on a particular module. Plus, all of our webinars are FREE to our clients! 

To login:

1. Sign into MD-Staff, click on Help > Help Center

2. Click on the icon MD-Staff Academy and Live Webinars

3. Select Webinars (tip: view a calendar overview by clicking on Webinar Schedule on the top left) 

4. Select the desired webinar and continue to register