Managed Care & Enrollment

Provider credentialing and payor enrollment done with the click of a button.


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A single database

As a managed care organization you may have to fill out a large number of applications for your providers. MD-Staff MC has a comprehensive database which contains all the information needed to populate these applications. MD-Staff can populate any application in Word or PDF format. You can populate applications for one provider or for a group of providers with a few clicks.

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Scanned documents

In addition to filling out the applications, MD-Staff MC paperless environment allows you to store important documents such as the DEA certificate, medical license, photo, CV etc. This will make the enrollment process quick and easy. Contracts with medical group or health plan can be scanned and attached for ease of access.

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Extensive Reporting

MD-Staff MC contains an extensive library of built-in reports. These reports range from NCQA approved provider directory to provider participation. An ad-hoc query is included allowing you to export any data elements in MD-Staff to Excel.

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Extensive Database

MD-Staff MC has an extensive and growing library of applications. Data from the MD-Staff database is used to populate these applications. With a few clicks, MD-Staff can fill out applications for one provider or a group of providers. This automation expedites the enrollment process.