Share clinical privileges and provider data effortlessly


E-Priv Customizable

Highly Customizable

E-Priv allows the medical staff to create an unlimited number of displays for any department. For each display E-Priv allows you to select the data elements which are available for viewing, thus giving you complete control over your data and how it is displayed.

Data Security

Data Security

E-Priv provides read-only access to your credentialing and privileging data. It supports numerous security models, depending on your needs. Access can be limited with IP filtering, active directory authentication, and/or traditional user names and passwords.

Current Live Data

Current/Live Data

E-Priv has real-time, read-only access to your provider and privileging data stored in MD-Staff. When accessing E-Priv the information being displayed will always be current and up-to date.

Optimized for Mobile

Optimized for Mobile

E-Priv was designed to be used on all modern cell phones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad & Android.