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American Business Women’s Day

American Business Women’s Day honors the numerous efforts and accomplishments of women in the business world. This distinctive day, which is celebrated every year on September 22, honors American women who have earned a name for themselves in an abundance of fields, from entrepreneurship to corporate leadership. American Business Women’s Day serves as a reminder of the crucial role women play in promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace and propelling economic growth across the country.

Here at ASM, women represent 33% of the total workforce and 43% are in leadership roles! It’s time to pay tribute to the trailblazers who broke down barriers, the role models who motivate younger people, and the ambitious workers who are still reshaping the face of American industry. Join us in recognizing the Women of ASM are we ask the tough questions towards continued success!


1. What strategies or approaches have you found particularly effective in achieving success within ASM?

Collaborating with others in my department on a regular basis and speaking up in team meetings. – Dana, Implementation Support Specialist

 A successful ASM employee takes initiative and isn’t afraid to take the road less traveled! If there is a feature/module that’s intimidating or an internal process that can be refined or improved, be your own driving force/be the change and improve the process/make it easier for those who come after you. Don’t like something or wish it was different? Get up and fix it! This mindset allows you to grow as an individual, as a professional and ultimately sets you apart from everyone else. Initiative > Entitlement – Whitney, Director, Customer Support

Concentrating on the task at hand.  Paying attention to detail – Kathleen, Data Analyst

If you don’t like it, change it and if you can’t change it, change your attitude. This approach has worked well for me no matter the company or the situation. It’s all about moving forward and not getting stuck. – Amy, VP, Client Services


“Be deliberately vocal when you have a question, idea, or concern. Find your voice and trust it! Learn to let go of needing to be liked and communicate with confidence,” Terrani, Director, Customer Success


I want everything NOW and perfect/complete the first time.  Learning to have Patience and Compassion (for myself and others) has been invaluable. – Diane, Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable / Human Resource Specialist

Time management has been huge, but also taking small breaks when I feel myself getting overwhelmed. – Janelle, Implementation Manager

Test EVERYTHING and read ALL release notes!  Our team is constantly innovating new features into our products which keeps us busy.  At the same time, it’s amazing to be part of the team that’s staying ‘ahead’ of the credentialing software for our clients! – Deb, Training and Content Manager

I treat everyone how I would like to be treated and I have found that I get that in return from all employees at ASM. – Amanda, Application Analyst

Asking questions, asking for help from my peers, willing to do the hard work. – Xochitl, Application Analyst Lead

Understanding what our users do on a daily basis / fully understanding the Initial / Reappointment Process. – Jean, Training & Content Manager

Never stop learning. Don’t be afraid to ask for help but learn where we store our resources so you can be self-sufficient in finding your answers. Know that whatever stage you are in at the company, someone else has been there before. – Christina, Implementation Manager

Take the initiative to learn! ASM provides a library of resources (help center, academy, webinars) for their staff and clients. It has helped me understand not only our products but the industry, too! – Rebecca, Senior Marketing Manager


2. How do you balance the demands of your professional life with your personal life, and do you have any tips for achieving work-life balance?

I am a big believer in self-care. If I feel overwhelmed, I will step away from the computer/desk for a few minutes and take a walk, or if I am at home, spend a little time with my animals. Organization and scheduling my day is key to keeping myself aligned. I use my outlook email to manage my day including my breaks and checking my emails in between meetings. – Dana, Implementation Support Specialist

Work/Life balance can be a very difficult thing to perfect. I think it’s important to learn that everything is give and take and everything in life ebbs and flows. Sometimes you have to pour a little more into work and sometimes you have to pour a little more into yourself/your personal life. It’s more about holding yourself accountable, showing up, knowing when it’s needed to sign-in early/stay on late and when it’s time to “turn off” and tap into fun! You’re not good at taking care of yourself if work is everything and you’re not good at work if you’re not taking care of yourself. Business is absolutely personal! Use the PTO, take the vacation, schedule a mental health day to do what makes you happy (even if that’s doing nothing) and give yourself grace if you go through phases of ‘drive’. – Whitney, Director, Customer Support

There are times when work takes precedence.  That is okay because I don’t have any small children dependent on me alone.  I have small grandchildren.  There are times when family needs to take precedence.  Mostly, I’ve managed to schedule family time outside of work time.  There have been only a couple times when family needs took away from work time.  Fortunately, ASM is very understanding when that happens.  My advice is:  Family is always more important so take care of crucial family obligations first, then schedule work obligations around them.   For example, if you need to take some time off to go to a graduation ceremony in the morning, then work later that night so that you don’t fall behind. – Kathleen, Data Analyst

This has been a struggle for me for 25+ years and I think that’s actually good for me. If I don’t feel the struggle then I’m doing something wrong. It’s natural to feel the pull in either direction and it reminds you to try to find the balance. It will never feel perfect but you do the best you can.   – Amy, VP, Client Services

Find the middle ground! When there is imbalance – communicate that and ask for help if needed. – Terrani, Director, Customer Success


“Respect yourself and your values/beliefs/boundaries.  If its “work time” be at work and be fully present.  If it is “home/off work time”, step away from your emails/phone and be fully present,” Diane, AP / AR / Human Resource Specialist


Giving myself goals that I want to accomplish that day, but also being okay when those goals are not fully accomplished. Understanding that original plans may change and being okay with that. Having hobbies or healthy outlets outside of work helps and is a game changer. – Janelle, Implementation Manager

Being able to take advantage of starting my day earlier has been a huge help with this!  Being off early means I can run errands while places are still open, drive to meet up with family and friends and get more time to relax in the afternoon. – Deb, Training and Content Manager

ASM simply makes it easy to balance! I’m a single mom and always dreamed of having a career where I don’t feel forced to choose between my job and source of income or my child. – Rhiannon, Inside Sales Representative

I try to separate the two. It helps me keep importance in both aspects of my life. – Amanda, Application Analyst

Working from home 2-3 days a week has been a huge help in achieving work-life balance. This is not really a tip, but instead, just stating how grateful I am. For me, it knocks off 2 hours of driving (1 hour each way) on those days, which alleviates the stress of being on the overly congested roads with all the horrible drivers, but more importantly it allows for more time with family and friends. – Erica, Billing & Contracts

Work during work and give the same if not more effort when you are at home. – Xochitl, Application Analyst Lead

Food prep so I feel healthy and at least 3 sessions of exercise/outdoors if possible. – Jean, Training & Content Manager

You don’t have to sacrifice your family for your career or your career for your family! Plan your week ahead so you don’t run out of time and must prioritize work vs. family or vice versa. If you know you will be in back-to-back meetings all day and it will be difficult to pick up the kids from school, arrange in advance for a family member or friend to pick them up. Don’t be shy asking people for help. It’s likely they’ve been in the same situation and are happy to help you. Sunday meal planning and prep for the week! Pick outfits for you and the kids the night before. Get sleep and remember to take time for yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup. – Christina, Implementation Manager

My most important tip is to always allow yourself a moment for you. Whether that moment is a walk, working out, or some self-care, whatever it may be, allow yourself to put yourself first even if it is only for one hour a day. I know, if I do not take care of myself, how can I expect to take care of others. – Rebecca, Senior Marketing Manger


3. What advice would you give to young women who are just starting their careers and aspire to make a significant impact in the technology industry?

Relentless pursuit and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. You don’t know what you don’t know, and you don’t know if you don’t try! – Dana, Implementation Support Specialist

What you have to say and what you aspire to do with your life, matters! Work hard, don’t be afraid to assertively speak your mind and never let being the ‘different’ person in the room hold you back. Shift your mindset from “challenges” to “opportunities” and find a balance between confidence and humility. NEVER let your pride keep you from learning. Go out and do the dang thing! – Whitney, Director, Customer Support

I tell all young people the same thing.  You can do anything you put your mind to and don’t let anyone’s opinion make you think you can’t.  You’ll need to work hard to achieve your goals.  Don’t expect to others to do the work so that you can achieve the goal. – Kathleen, Data Analyst

Understanding the product is important but understanding the people who use it will bring you even more success. Actively listen and never stop being curious. – Amy, VP, Client Services

Stay curious! Have a question – ask! Want to learn about something – do it! Find a mentor or support system that will be in your court and cheer you on and also challenge you.  – Terrani, Director, Customer Success

Stay with your education. Quitting school to join the work force may solve some immediate issues but may hold you back/keep you stuck in the future. – Diane, Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable / Human Resource Specialist

Be coachable and always willing to learn. even when you may think that you know everything, you don’t and that’s okay. How you react when you are being corrected is so important to your maturity in any industry. Ask the questions that you may consider “dumb”, someone else may be wanting to ask. Make goals for yourself and celebrate all of your accomplishments, big or small! – Janelle, Implementation Manager


“Ask questions and don’t be afraid to be wrong. You can’t learn if you don’t ask,” Amanda, Application Analyst


You’re never done learning! The industry and the software evolve so rapidly, so it’s so important to keep up-to-date on your knowledge. Stay sharp, and learn from those around you. We’re all on the same team and we’re all here to help each other. Although it’s important to take pride in your work, don’t be so proud that you close yourself off to improving! – Geneva, Implementation Manager

Learn how to present well, creating PowerPoints or similar and reading/understanding the industry, clients and your audience. – Jean, Training & Content Manager

Technology isn’t just for the boys if you commit to never stop learning. Pick a technology niche and run with it, learn everything you can about it. Find a mentor in it. Get a certification in it. (For people not at ASM 😊): If you are having difficulty finding a job or aren’t getting any replies from recruiters, hire a resume writer. They know the key words to put in your resume, so it won’t be passed up by a recruiter or automated filters. Similarly, they can help tailor your LinkedIn profile to include key items that your desired employers are looking for. – Christina, Implementation Manager

Don’t wait and never stop learning! There is an abundance of resources available to acquire a new skill especially within the technology industry. Take on any challenge with a positive attitude to turn that challenge into an opportunity. Life is never a straight line to success. Embrace your challenges! – Rebecca, Senior Marketing Manager


4. Are there any books, mentors, or resources that have had a significant impact on your career and personal growth that you’d recommend to others?

It may sound silly, but I am a huge fan of Ariana Grande. Her resilience, passion, and strength is something I look up to and try to align myself with. She is a strong businesswoman but maintains her ethics and softness. – Dana, Implementation Support Specialist

My biggest resource has always been… community! Be open-minded, talk, network and observe. There are so many ways to be successful and your journey does not have to mimic another’s. Be willing to learn from the CEO and the entry-level position, from the shark and from the minnow, as well as everyone in between. We’re all just people, no one of us is better than the other. Those of us in Customer Service often struggle with people pleasing tendencies and sometimes even co-dependency, and learning to take care of yourself, equally, can be a challenge. There are a bunch of great resources that have helped me learn how to have difficult conversations (with tact) and how to take care of myself too, by setting boundaries. A few of my favorites are: Radical Candor, Boundaries, and Codependency No-More. – Whitney, Director, Customer Support

I went to university to get a degree which means there are way too many mentors, books and resources to list – most of which are outdated.  I’ve had some great bosses along the way who have taught me a lot.  It is so much easier today to get information with Google & Smart Phones.  It is so much harder today to get advice because you don’t know who or what to believe. – Kathleen, Data Analyst


“I’m lucky to have worked with many remarkable leaders throughout my career and each taught me something different. I learn best by observing and listening so watching the techniques of others…,” Amy, VP, Client Services


“Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg is a fantastic book! My mentors include my previous CEO, Danna Korn; as well as Amy Madden, VP of Client Services and highest-ranking female at ASM. – Terrani, Director, Customer Success

The Four Agreements, A practical Guide to Personal Freedom. – Diane, Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable / Human Resource Specialist

I don’t read a ton, but I think looking at someone who is where you want to be in the future and spending time with them just to see how they got to where they are currently is extremely helpful. Whether it is in the professional world or your personal life, spend time with people you admire or aspire to be like. – Janelle, Implementation Manager

7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Great book! – Rhiannon, Inside Sales Representative

I don’t have any books, mentors, or resources to offer, but I will say be kind and be present every day. – Amanda, Application Analyst

When I see someone that’s great at what they do I try to mimic them – whether it’s a phrase, something funny and how they use the ppt.  I try to incorporate bits and pieces that made me laugh or learn. – Jean, Training & Content Manager

I highly recommend a mentor in the field you are in or are pursuing. Find someone you aspire to be like and ask them. It’s also incredibly rewarding to be a mentor yourself. – Christina, Implementation Manager

Throughout my career, some of my most valuable leaders taught me to work hard, respect others, communicate towards success, and always remember to we are a team first. – RebeccaSenior Marketing Manager


Happy American Business Women’s Day to all!

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