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Are leaders born or can they be taught to lead?

In the 1840s, The Great Man Theory by Thomas Carlyle, suggested that leadership traits are inherent – great leaders are born. The theory implies people that who have qualities such as honesty, moral vision, and compassion make quality leaders. As our world continues to evolve in knowledge and expertise, many people have debunked this theory. Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi once said, “Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work.” In today’s environment, this holds true in every industry sector including our medical offices. The medical service profession has experienced tremendous growth and successes with expert stature. So, how do we continue to build our successes within the healthcare industry? By building our teams through leadership with honest communication, education opportunities, clear goals towards the vision, and positivity.

Honest Communication


Creating an open channel of communication with your team members is one of the most crucial aspects of good leadership. Engaging with an honest, open level creates transparency, which in turn develops trust among your team. Be responsive and available for your team to create an authentic, working partnership. When a team trusts its leader, the team will become individual leaders and excel within the department.

Also, a leader must be able to adjust their communication style to become effective. Be engaging with your team. Employees that work for engaged leaders respect and develop further than other organizations.

Your team absorbs content differently. So, while team meetings are perfect in communicating high-level objectives; frequent, one-on-one meetings help in the development of individual tea members and your leadership goals. Individual meetings allow team members to develop a rapport with you by creating open communication.

Educational Opportunities


Continuous training and education opportunities are available in every industry and field. Good leaders will invest the time for education for themselves and their team. Set aside time for education within your medical office. NAMSS (National Association Medical Staff Services) offers continuing education, seminars, webinars, and other educational opportunities to develop your medical office staff professionals. Research your software solutions for educational programs. MD-Staff offers live webinars, a variety of training courses, and certifications in excellence. All these opportunities open doors to expand efficiencies and career development to enhance careers.

Clear Goals Towards the Vision

Vision Statement

Nearly every organization has a mission and vision statement written within the employee handbook, on an office wall, or on the company website. These statements were created to define the values (mission) and the aspiration (vision) of the company. But how many employees understand the mission and vision in their departments? Developing clear goals focused on the vision of the hospital will create departmental authority. Goals should be specific, predetermined, effectively communicated, and results orientated. Establishing systemic goals towards your company’s vision will create recognition for your entire team.

Positivity – Lead by Example


Before you even step into our office, you probably have thought about your workload, plus every other aspect of your life while navigating through traffic, spilling your coffee, and hoping no one is parked in your favorite spot. Now, take a breath, walk into your office, and set the tone for the day! Positivity will naturally gravitate towards positivity. Leaders understand that positivity does not begin with our tasks and to-dos; it begins from within to move outward. Do not allow your workload to overtake goals and positivity. Focus on solutions, rather than problems can help your team with positivity. Showing enthusiasm will develop an engaged and productive team!


So, are you a leader? Are you a “good” leader? Ask your team for feedback on your leadership style. Hire a coach to help you develop a plan to achieve your goals. Take advantage of educational opportunities to develop you and advance your career. Develop your team to become leaders. The more you know, the more confident you will become and the better leader you will be!

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