Expirables for Providers

Managing Expirables

Working Smarter, Not Harder!

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Are you still manually running all your verifications and individually updating dates and statuses, or not updating them at all? Are you overwhelmed when you look at your alarms or web scrape results? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you may not be using the MD-Staff to its full potential. Don’t worry, we are here to help make your expirables workflow more efficient!


Update your System Right off the Bat

If you are in the implementation phase of MD-Staff, during your launch (Go Live), you can run a one-time batch verification in MD-Staff to update license/credential data. The online batch verification process will pull data (web scrape) to populate provider’s information. Once completed, be prepared to review, and apply the web scrape results – there might be a lot! Alternatively, you can also review these as you work through your expirables monthly.

  • CDS
  • DEA
  • State License
  • NPI
  • GSA
  • OIG

You may see a high volume of “Needs Attention” in your web scrape results. This is likely due to a name mismatch – be sure to review and apply scrapes appropriately. Good news – apply the Licensee Name early on will prevent this flag from appearing next time – be proactive and do it!


Communication Tools

  • Scheduled Messages: Set up your automated Scheduled Messages to inform your providers of expirables! Include an online survey such as Pronto Update in your scheduled message to collected updated information which will auto-update their record. Pronto Update will collect new information for BLS, ACLS, PALS, NRP, Fluoroscopy, Medical History, Certificate of Insurance, etc. – items where you need a copy for Files. Create messages for: 60, 30, 15 days in advance!
  • Alarms: Now that you have your auto-communications alerting providers, no need to set up alarms with large alert window (ex: DEAs expiring in 60 days). Instead, set up alarms for expirables with a short alert window (ex: 7 days). Be cautious about setting up too many alarms and alarms with large windows to avoid alarm fatigue. Alarms should be for expirables that are actionable and in danger! At this point, it’s your time to do something – manually run the verification again, call the Provider, or send them a text!


Workflow Tools


  • Scheduled Tasks: Set up your scheduled tasks to verify monthly and schedule them to run based on when licenses expire in your State. For example: if licenses expire the last day of the month, you might want to schedule the task to run the day before or that day. The task will verify any expirables for the current and following month.
    • Pro Tip: Don’t schedule your monthly tasks that are not dependent on an expiration date on the day as your expirable tasks (ex: OIG, GSA)
  • Aiva IQ Verification Log: Monitor your Aiva IQ Log to stay informed of recent verifications identified via Checksome and apply the web scrape results! This tool uses blockchain technology that proactively looks for updated verifications performed within MD-Staff’s network of clients.
  • Manual Verifications: Verify in bulk or individually as needed.


  • Verification Logs: ALWAYS, review the verification logs after running the verifications (group log for batches or individual log). If using the group log, use the header to sort for Negative results and failed verifications (those with strikethoughs)
  • Scrape Results and Needs Review: Check this DAILY and apply them in real-time as much as possible! This prevents reminding a Provider to renew a license/credential that is already renewed and just not updated in MD-Staff. Since you’re staying on top of your expirables, the volume of scrape results should be way less than when you first went live!


With these tools, your expirables will become manageable and streamlined! For more information, contact our support desk.

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