MD-Staff 40 Year Anniversary

Celebrating 40 Years

Applied Statistics and Management, Inc. (ASM) is proud to celebrate 40 years of dedicated success to the medical service profession!


Since 1982, Applied Statistics and Management, Inc. (ASM) has been committed to the development and support of software solutions for the healthcare industry. Quickly after the first PC was introduced by Microsoft, ASM’s President and Owner, Trung Phan, harnessed the opportunity to develop a physician credentialing system built on MS-DOS. Now, ASM’s flagship product, MD-Staff, is the most advanced credentialing, privileging, and provider information management platform available within the healthcare industry.

In the early 1980s, Medical Staff Departments and physician credentialing were in their infancy. Even the most advanced Medical Staff Departments were just starting to use IBM Displaywriter for word processing. Although the technology was new, MD-Staff for MS-DOS allowed the Medical Staff Office to maintain a database of providers through digital records.

Over the past four decades, ASM has adapted its software products to leverage the latest technology – from MD-Staff for MS-DOS, MD-Staff for Windows, and now MD-Staff for the Web, a comprehensive, cloud-based, single-source solution. Through each of these milestones, ASM’s focus was to develop a stable and user-friendly system for their customers to help reduce the cost of training and to improve the users’ experience.

Today, as the demand increase from regulatory agencies and the continued evolution of the Medical Staff Professional field, modern credentialing software must automate repetitive tasks. Automation of tasks will allow the Medical Staff Office to concentrate on more important issues, goals, and professional development. MD-Staff provides real-time, automation features!

What does the future hold for ASM? ASM’s goal is to push credentialing technology further by automatically processing and enrolling providers’ applications. Ultimately 99% of the credentialing process will be automated within the next five years. “For the future, we are dedicated to delivering extraordinary software to our clients and back our solutions with world-class support. Our level of success and continued accomplishments are based on our customers’ satisfaction. We are proud that MD-Staff has ranked Best in KLAS Research Award three years in a row!”, stated Nick Phan, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer. “ASM has established a secure, business model and culture focused with an internal succession plan. We were the pioneers of the credentialing industry and driven by a fully sustainable future. Cheers to the next 40 years!”

Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Temecula, CA, Applied Statistics & Management, Inc. (ASM) is dedicated to the development and support of software solutions that leverage the latest technologies and methodologies for the healthcare industry. ASM’s flagship product, MD-Staff, is the most advanced credentialing, privileging and provider information management platform available. Used by over 3,000 facilities worldwide, MD-Staff Credentialing Software is a proven system that helps healthcare organizations of any size streamline their credentialing process while reducing overall costs. Winner of the KLAS Research for Credentialing Software!

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