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Aiva Your Credentialing Assistant

Aiva (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant) – your automated credentialing assistant! Released back in 2018, Aiva has been helping medical services offices structure the credentialing process to establish organized and effective workflows. With Aiva, you can group your providers together, configure your desired workflow and settings for verification, pronto (surveys), merging, faxing, and e-mailing. Once configured, Aiva will automatically move providers through the 3 steps of the credentialing process:

  1. Online Application: Aiva will gather the providers scheduled to go out for reappointment each month and send them the appropriate documents upon activation
  2. Credentialing: Once the providers submit their application, they will be imported and verified (via online verification, pronto, or e-mail/fax letters). Checklist items update as you complete the credentialing process.
  3. Committee Review: After the checklist is processed, providers are sent to the appropriate committee in Virtual Committee.

Throughout the process, Aiva will pause providers and alert you to any red flags encountered along the way. Aiva will analyze the incoming data and show you conflicts and allow you to resolve them before the provider is imported into MD-Staff. Once you have finished the committee process, you can use Aiva to schedule the updated appointment dates and new privileges.

Aiva Appointments

Appointment Cycles

Developing providers’ appointment and reappointment cycles with Aiva will save your department time and costs along with maintaining performance consistency. Appointment cycles are configured to match the way you work. Configure all physicians to be reappointed every 2 years or 3 years. Divide them by reappointment dates (monthly, quarterly, yearly, or anything in between). Create separate cycle templates for physicians and AHP with different MD-App templates, different checklists, and different committees.

Once your cycle templates are created and providers are assigned, Aiva will automatically group them and prepare to send them an application with MD-App and start the appropriate checklists. Any of the cycle settings can be adjusted for individual providers giving you complete control over who gets what and when.

When using appointment cycles, you can quickly see the status of all the providers in your given cycle, allowing you to answer questions like:

  • Who is still working on their application?
  • Who has negative verifications?
  • Who is ready for the committee?

When using appointment cycles, aiva will help you bulk update appointment dates and store previous dates in appointment history. Dates include: Application Sent, Application Received, Application Processed, and Board Approved. Each cycle is logged giving you a more accessible historical overview of each appointment cycle every time the provider is appointed.

Avia IQ

Aiva IQ

Aiva IQ is how MD-Staff and MD-App interact with Checksome – the secure block-chain for credentialing data—acting as a centralized repository for up-to-date provider information. Aiva will monitor the providers and applicants in your MD-Staff system and automatically get updates from Checksome. Once information is updated in Checksome – for example, a new DEA file is released or a state medical board updates data on their site – Aiva will automatically perform a primary source verification from your MD-Staff system. So as soon as information changes, including scrape data such as status & expiration or negative marks and flags, your MD-Staff will already have the updated verification and information.

Aiva IQ represents a sneak preview of the long-term future of primary source verification. Batch verifications on MD-App import and monthly scheduled tasks may continue to be a part of your workflow. However, in the long run, a proactive workflow where Checksome processes data as it changes and Aiva brings you relevant changes as they happen is safer for patients, better for hospitals, and easier for medical staff services.

Currently, Aiva IQ includes licenses from several states and credentials from publicly available sources. Depending on the source and owner of the data, proactive updates will be processed throughout the day, notifying you in MD-Staff as soon as these updates are found. As more and more data feeds become available online, Checksome and Aiva will continue to learn about each site providing as close to real-time updates.

From the very start of the application process Aiva IQ allows you to:

  • Pre-populate the application reducing the burden on the provider.
  • View primary-source verifications (and any disciplinary action) when you are first sending the application.
  • Prevents the applicant from omitting any potentially negative verifications.
  • Aiva IQ improves your credentialing process with pro-active verifications and data updates while making it easier and faster for both providers and medical staff professionals.

Aiva Aware

Aiva Aware

Aiva Aware monitors your providers to make sure everybody belongs to a cycle within the required reappointment timeframe, making sure nobody is forgotten and everybody is reappointed. With Aiva Aware, Aiva will continuously monitor your database for invalid, inconsistent, or missing data. Items that need to be brought to your attention will be added as events and can be viewed from the home page, the provider’s record, or the event details pages. This will allow you to find potential problems or typos in your database without having to scan your providers or continuously run reports.


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