Comprehensive Credentialing

MD-Staff provides the ability to store virtually any piece of provider information. Customized workflows, checklists, and alarms can be setup in batches or for individual providers. MD-Staff utilizes thousands of verification sources including our proprietary services MD-Query and Pronto. Our verification crawler, in conjunction with automated, trackable e-mailing and faxing capabilities, enables you to quickly and accurately streamline and automate your credentialing process.

Automated Online Verification

MD-Staff's verification crawler handles thousands of verification sources. Verifying within MD-Staff will, within seconds, reach out to the source, submit the query, then pull and store a copy of the primary source verification. These primary source verifications are stored for life within the system and can be easily referenced at any time. New sites and services are automatically added and updated daily, meaning your MD-Staff will continuously improve with new and updated primary source verifications.

Drag-and-Drop Privileging

MD-Staff's privileging module provides a simple drag-and-drop user interface for creating and editing both core and "laundry list" style privilege delineation forms. The privilege form editor also allows you to import privileges and text from other forms to help standardize content and reduce data entry. MD-Staff integrates with E>Priv which allows other people in your organization, including nursing staff and pharmacy management to view select demographic and privilege data through a simple web-based interface.

Extensive Reporting

MD-Staff’s powerful reporting features include a large library of built-in reports, ad-hoc reporting, as well as merging capabilities with both Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF. Built-in reports include a wide range of rosters, summary management reports, and tickler reports listing expiration dates for license, insurance, board certification, and reappointment information. MD-Staff allows you to create custom reports using our proprietary ad-hoc report writer or Microsoft Word. All of the built-in reports and custom reports can be filtered on any one of MD-Staff’s database fields, allowing you to report on only the data you need.

Additional Features

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