Group Training Webinars

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MD-Staff Introduction to Mail Merge - Communication Tools

In this session we will review how to communicate via MD-Staff. This includes email and SMS communication.

MD-Stat Peer Review

In this session we will provide a review on the Peer Review module. We will highlight each screen available in the system.

MD-Staff Pronto Survey Templates & Verifications

This webinar will highlight our survey template module. This can be used for provider communication or verification purposes.

MD-Staff Aiva Credentialing & Automation

This session provides an overview on Aiva automation. We will dive into important areas involved with setting up automation.

MD-Staff & MD-App - Processing Online Applications

This session will cover how to start, manage and complete an online application (MD-App).

Virtual Committee and MD-Staff - Integrating Virtual Reviews

In this session we will cover how to start and manage virtual reviews. We will show users how to setup and manage templates and users.

MD-Staff Version 9.75

This session will highlight new features of MD-Staff version 9.75. This is geared to clients who are currently using version 9.6.

MD-Staff Introduction to Processing an Initial Appointment

This session will cover provider record basics and how to process an initial appointment in MD-Staff.

MD-Stat Overview

This session providers a general overview of navigating and using MD-Stat. The presenter will highlight the Report Card area, Peer Review, FPPE and more.

MD-Staff Checklists

This session will cover how to build a checklist template. In addition how to link the checklist to Md-Staff provider records.

E>Priv & MD-Staff - Building a Display

This session will cover building an E>Priv display as well as how E>EPriv is utilized.

MD-Staff Version 9 for Transitioning Clients

This session will highlight the newest features of MD-Staff Version 9.

MD-Staff Managed CareSetup and Provider Enrollment

This session will review provider enrollment in the MD-Staff managed care setup. The presenter will focus on contracts, health plans, and the provider record

MD-Staff Processing a Reappointment Application

This session will focus on processing a reappointment application in MD-Staff.

MD-Staff Standard Reports & Ad Hoc Reporting

This session will cover basic standards reports for the credentialing process and the ad hoc query tool.

MD-Staff Administration & Setup

This session will cover the important areas of setup when getting started with MD-Staff.

MD-Staff - Operating from a Multi-Facility Type Structure

This session will cover the market level also known as managing multiple facilities.  We will highlight key areas to utilize in MD-Staff.

MD-Staff Managed Care Navigation & Essentials

This session will cover basics and navigation. We will highlight how to enter information into entities, sites and the provider/contract profile.

MD-Staff Privileges and Proctoring

This session will cover how to build a privilege form and focus on recording provider privileges.

MD-Stat Modules - Uploading Modules/Report Cards

This session we will cover how to upload modules. In addition, how to create module indicators for report cards (OPPE).

MD-Staff Verifications

This webinar will cover the verification process in MD-Staff.  The presenter will touch upon all verifications offered in the software and details for setup.

MD-Staff Advanced Mail Merge & Communication Areas

This session will cover advanced items that you may want to include in your mail merge templates and document bundles.

* Webinars dates and times subject to change.