MSP - Job Board

Online medical service professional job search.


User Friendly


Forms are simple and easy to use for job postings. Enter job descriptions directly through your MD-Staff instance!


Target Qualified Candidates

Job positions are directly targeted to medical services professional (MSP) that use your MD-Query website. You will receive a qualified candidate for the job!


Expanded Job Search

Reach more people directly to your career page and/or preferred job posting website. MSP-Job Board assists in expanding your search among qualified candidates.

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Direct to Application

Job postings are linked to your preferred job search platform, so no need to manage another database. 

Getting Started to Post Job Opportunities

Are you ready to start posting job opportunities directly to qualified candidates? Follow these simple steps in your MD-Staff instance to begin.

1. Sign into MD-Staff, click on Setup > Administrative > MSP Job Board

2. Click the Add button

3. Fill in job position Information – Job Title, Organization Name, Job Description, Job URL, Job Type, Job Site, City, State, Start Date, and End Date.

4. Click the Save button. 

For more information, search “MSP Job Board” in the MD-Staff Help Center.