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Product Overview

Medical Staff Offices are receiving an increasing number of requests for information regarding members of their Medical Staff. These requests come from other hospitals, HMO’s, insurance companies and other health care organizations. In response to this demand, MD-Staff Credentialing System will generate “good standing” letters regarding a doctor’s initial appointment date, staff status, department and specialty. Unfortunately, this process inevitably requires a significant amount of timely paperwork. In response to this issue, MD-Query is a web based application which automates the verification process.

MD-Query is a secure, web-based application maintained by Applied Statistics & Management, Inc. which allows Medical Staff Professionals to quickly and economically create their own “online verification” system. The MD-Query Client Utility will upload a limited amount of data to our secure web server, which can be accessed through our secure, password protected website. The MD-Query Client Utility has the ability to tightly integrate with existing MD-Staff Credentialing Systems or link to other credentialing databases not related to MD-Staff.

For security purposes, users are not only required to provide a valid login and password, but also the name and last for digits of the physician’s social security number. This ensures that users only have access to specific physicians, rather than your entire medical staff. MD-Query utilizes the latest security features to ensure that your data is secure. MD-Query implements the same security technology as major e-commerce sites to protect you and your data from online hazards. Each time a user prints a verification letter from MD-Query an email notification is automatically to you containing the date accessed, the user’s name and facility, and the name of the provider.

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