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Product Overview

Traditionally the application process is the most time consuming and paper intensive process for the Medical Staff Office. Yet there are compelling economic reasons why the application process must be streamlined and expedited. Often, a provider cannot see patients until the application is processed.

MD-App is designed to eliminate this manual process by allowing the providers to fill out the application online. Additionally documents that are part of the application packet, such as bylaws and privilege forms, are available to the providers to download and review both before and after completing their online application.

MD-App is a secure online application that has been designed to work seamlessly with your MD-Staff credentialing system. MD-App aims to eliminate the costly process of printing, mailing, and entering data for medical or reappointment applications. MD-App allows the providers to login, complete and submit applications online from the comfort of their own office or home. MD-App is a personalized website which automatically synchronizes with your MD-Staff system so there is no duplication of data entry. The personalized application also uses the same application(s) currently used for your organization.

Although the technological framework of the system is standardized, MD-App lends itself to customization in order to provide each hospital or CVO a customized look. For example each facility can have their own application form and delineation of privileges. This standardization translates to a lower startup costs while assuring timely implementation and minimal development and testing usually associated with new project.

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